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Concentrated phospholipid, fatty acid and oleic acid process technologies and complete equipment

Concentrated phospholipid, fatty acid and oleic acid process technologies and complete equipment

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Lecithin Technology: Lecithin is a lipid hydration to extract oil out of the foot, but it is also preparing other phospholipid products raw materials. Crude oil mixed with a lot of impurities, phospholipids in the absence of water soluble oil, but if it hydrated with hot water or steam, then after absorbing phospholipids insoluble in oil, after standing layered or centrifugation can be from the oil separated. Oil sediment dehydration drying, Lecithin. Dehydration, the first foot on the oil heated and dehydrated under vacuum dehydration after theaddition of hydrogen peroxide, and finally by the tank after passing the tests.
Fatty Acid Technology: alkali refining soap grease composition, since the operation of the different processes and separation methods, wherein the soap content of about 30% to 48%, neutral fat 8% to 27%, of total fatty acids 40% to 60%, the rest of water, a small amount of lipids, such as the free base and bread crumbs. Fatty acid extraction process of hydrolysis, it is the soap in the soap first by sulfuric acid decomposition, to obtain a mixture of fatty acids and neutral oil (acid oil), and then hydrolyzed to obtain a crude which neutral oil fatty acids. Process is as follows: acidified soapstock → → hydrolysis → washing → drying → → finished distillation.
Oleic acid technology: the fatty acid products can be used as a substitute for the chemical plant oil raw materials, but as seen from richlauric acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, etc. in which they were separated soap, purification out, you can greatlyexpand its use. Can therefore be separated from the fatty acid stearic acid and oleic acid, for use in further processing.


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