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Turnkey project for complete oil and fat engineering equipment

Turnkey project for complete oil and fat engineering equipment

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1. Turnkey project crushing plants, solvent plants and refineries

Plant efficiency is classified by high product quality and less utility consumption like power, steam, hexane, top-up water and manpower, which is closely depending on the engineering design and equipment workmanship.

Crushing plant Crushing plant



2. Turnkey project for 30-5000t/d crushing plant and solvent plant
Process features:
1. Less utility consumption, flexible opeation parameters for different customers for meal & oil products
2. Simple & easy operation 
3. Continuous running requires hexane loss less than 2L
4. A lot of Heat exchange used for reducing the steam consumption

Bucket type horizontal extractor in fabrication Rotary extractor in running plant


3. Turnkey project for 30-1000t/d complete refineries
Process Features:
1. Through continuous alkali refining, the contact time of oils & fats and alkali liquor is shortened, the saponification of oils and fats is reduced, refining losses are reduced, and the yield is improved.
2. Due to the adoption of a premixing and steam stir bleaching combination process, the bleaching efficiency is improved, the using amount of carclazyte is reduced, and the operation is simple and convenient; and oxygen in the air is prevented from contacting hot oil under negative pressure, so that the quality of oil products is ensured, acid values are prevented from rising, and overoxidation values are reduced.
3. Novel continuous deodorization equipment is used for deodorization and is applied to deacidification and deodorization of plant oils and fats with higher acid values and low colloid content. Actual production proves its most obvious advantages of high deacidification capacity, good thermal bleaching effect, high refining rate, steam conservation, high oil quality, etc.
4. In the process, heat exchange is repeatedly performed, thermal energy of systems is fully utilized, and steam consumption is effectively reduced; and simultaneously, the process has the advantages of adjustable production process, flexible operation, high automation degree, good environmental health, etc.

View of physical refinery Chemical refinery



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