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Automated production technology of oil and fat engineering

Automated production technology of oil and fat engineering

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Plant PLC system:
1. Automatic monitoring:
---Automatically monitoring motors/pumps running parameters in process
---Automatically monitoring on/off conditions of switching valves in process
---Automatically detecting, displaying, recording and calculating all process parameters.

* alarm for motors/pumps abnormalities * alarm for valve abnormalities
* Alarm for extreme upper/lower limits *Interlock of motors/pumps

4. Self-diagnostic:

*Open-circuit indication and alarm *Short-circuit alarm
*Abnormal indication and alarm   *network abnormal alarm

5. Control functions:

*Visual human-computer interface *Dynamic process flow diagram
*Running parameter trend chart *Operation guide
*Automatic generation of control curves *Automatic selection and optimization of process formulas
*Automatic data storage *Historical data management
*Automatic statistics of processing data *Automatic generation of production reports
*Security and secrecy grading management, weighting operation *Automatic sound-light alarm for abnormal conditions
*Automatic printing                                     

The system is designed for operation convenience,flexibility, safety and reliability. For better control over the system running parameters at all control points, pictures are set on colored CRTs with internationally advanced software technology application. WINDOWS NT serves as an operating platform. Based on safe and reliable data communication, flexible data exchange and visual parameter display, plant operators is able to completely control production processes and make instant response to improve the plant efficiency. through distinct pictures and operating tips, operators can easily learn how to master the whole system.
6. Communicating functions:
---Communicating with the Ethernet management network of the plant
---Communicating among plant PLC systems
---Realizing fault diagnosis and network system service through INTERNET.


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