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Oil Extraction

With the development of leaching method oil, the proportion of pressing method oil is decreasing day by day. But the oil production by pressing still plays an irreplaceable role and occupies an important position in my country's oil industry. At present, the oil presses used by large and medium-sized oil factories in China, including some small oil factories, are mainly ZX·18 oil presses (the original 200 type oil presses) and ZY·24 type pre-presses (the original 202 type oil presses). press). Some small oil mills still use the ZX·10 type oil press (the original 95 type oil press) and the ZQ·35 type hydraulic oil press (the original 90 type oil press). In order to increase the oil yield or improve the permeability of the embryo, most domestic oil plants have adopted the pre-pressing-leaching oil-making process.

Steaming and Stir-frying

The cylindrical frying pan is a horizontal frying pan, which is a seed frying equipment matched with a small oil press. The main body of this equipment is a spindle-shaped rotating drum, and the inner drum wall is welded with oblique fins, which can turn the frying materials when rotating. Because the fins are directional. Reverse rotation can discharge all the fried ingredients. The drum is usually installed in the furnace and heated by direct fire. And the device is equipped with a reverse motor switch.

Embryo Preparation

For example, the domestic oil extrusion extruder YJP250, the screw diameter is 250mm, the screw length is 3252mm, the spindle speed is 268r/min, the expansion coefficient is 1:1.2-1.4, the output is 350-500t/24h (soybean raw embryo), and the power is 90-110kW. An 8-inch extruder produced by Anderson International Co., Ltd., with a speed of 330r/min and an output of 300t/24h soybean embryos), equipped with 75 horsepower (HP)', motor. The current largest extruder is the 12-inch Solvex extruder produced by Anderson International Ltd., which can process 1,700t of soybeans per day.

Shelling and peeling of oil

Another traditional method is to rub and rub the soaked sesame seeds on a wooden board or slate, and then the mixture is separated by flotation with brine. In addition, there are also reports of using mechanical methods to peel sesame seeds, that is, the soaked sesame seeds pass through two vertically installed disks with hard surfaces, one disk is fixed, the other disk rotates, the wet seeds are rubbed, and the skin is removed from the kernel. Then, the mixture is washed by water flow or water spray, and the skin is sieved from the mixture with a wire mesh.

The company successfully passed the annual supervision and audit of the intellectual property management system

 On October 14, 2019, the audit team of Zhongzhi (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd. conducted a supervision and audit of the intellectual property management system of Taicang BMW Oil Equipment Co., Ltd. The general manager of the company, management representatives and heads of various departments attended the audit. During the first and last meeting, management representatives and the person in charge of intellectual property participated in the review process.

The company successfully passed the annual continuous review of the ISO9001 quality management system

On September 12, 2019, the audit team of Bell International Verification Technology Service (Chengdu) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch conducted an annual review of the ISO9001:2015 quality management system of Taicang BMW Oil Equipment Co., Ltd., and the audit was conducted on October 31. The group reviewed the corrective measures taken by the company for the non-conformities found in the audit and confirmed that they were effective, and issued a "Notice of Continued Review Review Results" to our company, proving that the company's ISO9001:2015 quality management system certificate continues to be valid.

The company successfully passed the audit of pressure vessel manufacturing license renewal

GC2-level Pressure Pipeline Installation License", "GC2-level Pressure Pipeline Design License" and "Pressure Vessel Manufacturing License"; passed the intellectual property management system certification in 2017, and won the 2018 Jiangsu Province Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Standard Implementation Excellent Enterprise .

Warm congratulations to our company for passing the "high-tech enterprise" review

Recently, our company received the "High-tech Enterprise Certificate" jointly issued by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Finance, and the Jiangsu Provincial Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation. three years.

The company passed the three-level enterprise review and verification of safety production standardization and the double prevention mechanism acceptance

A few days ago, our company received the new certificate of "Safety Production Standardization Level 3 Enterprise", which indicates that the company has successfully passed the safety production standardization Level 3 enterprise review and review. It shows that the company's safety production management has entered a new stage and a new journey.

BMC:Salute the Year of the Ox and look forward to the Year of the Tiger

BMC:Salute the Year of the Ox and look forward to the Year of the Tiger
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